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Sight Hound - Sold
Sight Hound - Sold
Oil on Plywood
60" x 30"

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Addington Gallery

Sight hounds hunt by their excellent vision, tenacious tracking ability, speed and endurance.

While Suzy has some of those qualities, the beagle in her often makes her more short sighted, driven by her nose. I have watched her circling around the yard scarfing down rabbit poop while missing the actual bunny in the yard next door!

But I don’t think that the dog in my painting is hunting. I believe she is waiting.
Waiting is something that dogs and people have in common. We train them to stay still and to be focused by rewarding them with treats and affection when they do. As for ourselves, we are taught that waiting builds character and that good things come to those who wait.

The dog in my painting is very still and focused on something in the distance. She is waiting patiently, as if she is hoping to be rewarded by the sight of a human being.

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Hofheimer Gallery